Japanese Microcurrent Face Slimming Derma Scraping plate

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Use of steps:
1. evenly spread the skin care products on the face.
2. choose the pattern according to individual needs.
3. point points are pressed to relieve muscle tension
4. plaster box face skin from lower to paramountcy
1., micro electric flu should be designed (by touching the touchpad on the scraping board by human body, transforming the body's micro current into the machine, and then transforming it to the human body through the use of micro current).
2. micro current combined with a specially designed scraping board can be a good combination of skin to help you massage your face or body to achieve a tapping effect.
3. not all are scraping plates up comfortable massage, this l design is a patent, as long as the people who used to say is very fitting skin regardless of the size of face can fully take care of, not to pull the skin, smooth machine radian design is very good, with the massage cream essence is the use of a goods relaxation process.
4. scraping board in the end what function?
It vibrate and dredge the blood vessels of the face and after the blood supply of the face
Not only can go to the face dark yellow but also the beauty of the beautiful BAI skin
Shoulian to reduce the fine lines of eye lines
SHUAI anti wrinkle and shrink pores
Promoting the effect of collagens to promote DU in lymphatic drainage
It's better to roll your face than to shave and pull a hot face. You can see which effect is quick! The general beauty instrument is not so quick to see the effect. A lot of people use it for me to say that the corner is up and the decree is not so obvious, and so on.

Usage method´╝Ü
With the essence of the cream or emulsion cream can be used every day, when used as the introduction of the instrument
You can also use a massage cream 1 times a week


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